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Adriel Caro

Adriel Caro

After completing his legal studies at the University of
St. Gallen worked as a consultant for a trust company.
After a three year traineeship at a Zurich based law firm
he took the Bar exam and opened his law firm in the
same year.

Adriel Caro speaks German and English

Adriel Caro is registered in the Bar Register of the
Canton of Zurich and a member of the Zurich Bar Association.

Andrea Rom

Andrea Rom

After studying law at the Universities of Zurich and
Lausanne Andrea Rom completed traineeships a law firm
and at court. In 2001 she was admitted to the Bar and
joined "Kanzlei Caro". Andrea Rom is further active lecturing
at the University of applied Sciences Zurich.

Andrea Rom speaks German, English and French

Andrea Rom is registered in the Bar Register of the
Canton of Zurich and a member of the Zurich Bar Association.

Karin Stark

Karin Stark
Bachelor of Law

Karin Stark is currently studying for her Master's in Law degree
at the University of Zurich where she has earned her
Bachelor's Degree in October 2014.

For the past few years Karin Stark has worked at Kanzlei Caro
as a paralegal mainly in the area of trademark law and is now
employed as junior associate.

Karin Stark speaks German, English, Spanish and French.


Frank Katzensteiner

Frank Katzensteiner, Counsel

Frank Katzensteiner is a Swiss certified specialist for finance
and accounting. He has many years of experience as a
consultant in international companies and consulting firms.

Within the law firm he is in charge of the tax and finance
related aspects of our clients.

Frank Katzensteiner speaks German and English.

Bruno Tringaniello

Bruno Tringaniello, Counsel
Swiss Certified Public Accountant / Tax Expert, Master of Business Law

Bruno Tringaniello had started his career with the federal tax
authorities where he held various positions as a tax commissioner.
Afterward he changed as senior manager to one of the leading
ones audit enterprises and consulting firms.

In 1995 he founded his own tax law firm and since then he is working
as an independent tax adviser.

Martin Grueber

Martin Grueber, Counsel

Martin Grueber holds two Master of Science Degrees. They have been
concluded at the Swiss Federal Institut of Technology Zurich
and the University College of London.

Since 1991 he is partner and CEO of Oeconsult AG and since 2003
owner und CEO of GRUEBER AG. He offers IT system integration in
those firms.

He works in the field of IT since 1996 for Kanzlei Caro.
Martin Grueber speaks German and English.

Elvira Kessler

Elvira Kessler
Bachelor of Law

Elvira Kessler is currently studying towards a Masterís Degree
in Law at the University of Zurich. She is a board member of the
European Law Students' Association Zurich.

During her Bachelor studies she completed a traineeship at the
Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and worked in a
Zurich based law firm.

Elvira Kessler joined Kanzlei Caro in March 2016 as a junior associate.
She speaks German, Russian, English and French.

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